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later by clicking Search (marked in green above). All accounts corresponding to your entries will automatically appear as you are entering them. Some invoice recipients have certain requirements as to how the field Deres referanse (Your reference) should be filled. Søk (Search Contains a search function. The link takes you back to the front page, where you mark the company you want to change. Save and/or print the invoice copy for accounting purposes, if necessary. To search for a sent field you mark Kontonr (account number). This function is normally used when the confirmation of the invoice is needed before payment. Kontoinformasjon (Accounts and Balances) In Nettbank Bedrift you have access to account information on all your accounts with Nordea and you can transfer funds between own accounts. Access to file services in Nettbank Bedrift for OCR return will be established, so that accounting information can be obtained. Til konto (To account Enter the beneficiary's account number or his/her name, or use the arrows. You can connect as many companies as you like to this service. Sum total all or selected payments Nettbank Bedrift manual (as of 20/11/14) 21 23 Ubekreftede betalinger (Unconfirmed payments) contain all unconfirmed payments and/or approved payments registered under Registrer betaling (Register payment Lønnsutbetalinger (Pay lists Giro utbetaling (Giro payments) and efaktura (e-invoice). Click OK A new window for Personlig passord (personal password) appears:. Varslinger om nye regninger setter du opp i nettbanken. Hvis jeg gjør noe feil i prosessen med å opprette avtalegiro slik jeg har beskrevet den er det ikke mitt problem. Det er også mulig å kombinere. When the search is finished, you have two options, Info and Bruk (use). In the field Fra konto (from account) enter the account number to be debited, and in Til konto (to account) the account number to be credited. The following screen appears: Nettbank Bedrift manual (as of 20/11/14) 37 39 To view the invoice, click which will display a read-only copy of the invoice (PDF). Status: Innsendt (sent The bank has received the file, but it must be confirmed by the person who sent it Godkjent 1(confirmation 1 The file has been lage avtalegiro nordea confirmed once, but must also be confirmed by another person. The Søkeresultat (search result) lists the payments entered and their status.

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Nettbank Bedrift manual as of To view the invoice specification of the payment. You should have received a code card ActivCard and a PIN code when you ordered Nettbank Bedrift. A receipt appears, log in with code card, a new window for Identifisering Identification appears Ønsker du å motta alle regningene lage avtalegiro nordea dine som eFaktura i fremtiden. Click on Info, nettbank Bedrift manual as of The field Fra konto from account is lage avtalegiro nordea a" The contents of the folder will be displayed. Både fra de bedriftene du har avtale med i dag og fra de bedriftene du inngår avtaler med i fremtiden. The functions for retrieving, d d Click Send Example of file Telepay When the file has been sent. Sending or confirming payment files are the same. Du kan få både regelmessige og engangsfakturaer som eFaktura.

Queue count total loading, and the opposite if avtalegiro they have already been checked off. Beløp amount must be higher than nil. Nettbank Bedrift portal General information On the Nettbank Bedrift front page you will find information about all the services nordea you as user have access.